MM Dashboard Customizer Plugin



A (really) easy/simple plugin that allows multiple dashboard customization options including: Login page, Dashboard widgets, Header (top bar), Footer (bottom bar), general options…


This plugin was developed with simplicity in mind, thus offers the ability to customize/alter several WordPress dashboard components including:

=Wp-login.php login page options=

  • Uploading custom login page logo
  • Uploading custom background page image
  • Setting custom login page background color
  • Setting custom login/register buttons color
  • Adding custom login message
  • Setting custom text color for all login page texts
  • Setting custom login logo link
  • Setting custom login logo link title

=General options=

  • Remove help tab
  • Remove screen options tab

=Widgets options=

  • Remove “Welcome to WordPress!” widget
  • Remove “At a glance” widget
  • Remove “Recent Activity” widget
  • Remove “Recent Drafts” widget
  • Remove “Quick Draft” widget
  • Remove “WordPress Events and News” widget
  • Remove “Plugins Activity” widget

=Header (Top Bar) options=

  • Remove wp logo from top bar
  • Remove comments and edit buttons from top bar
  • Remove + New button from top bar
  • Change howdy text to any custom text

=Footer (Bottom Bar) options=

  • Disable Thank you for creating with WordPress text
  • Change Thank you for creating with WordPress text to any custom text
  • Disable WordPress version text

==Update 1.0==

* Initial Release